Reviews for Believers

“...Allison Linker [is] playful and appealing...” - New York Times


“As young Donna, feisty Allison Linker drives each scene she’s in, using her physicality well.”  -L’idea Magazine


“...Allison Linker [is] particularly winning as the younger woman...” - Broadway & Me


“With their electric chemistry and genuine youthful zeal for life, Sumrall and Linker easily transport the audience into a sweet romance that would make anyone want to fall in love for the first time all over again.” - Woman Around Town


Reviews for Sybil: a musical

“Teddy [is] realized with a wonderful sense of truth and compassion by Allison Linker.” -The Examiner


If the producers are able to keep [Liz] Callaway, [Melissa] van der Schyff and Linker, I'm not sure they need much more to make this fly...Bravo to all three women - The Examiner


Other reviews: 

“Linker has a laudable singing voice which she employed to great advantage.” - Cabaret Scenes